Selling at Yo Desi 101

Calling All Desis.
Join the Global Desi Market.

The Big Idea

Become a Partner, Open a New Store, sell your products, keep more money in your pockets

By joining as a Partner, you benefit from keeping more money in your pocket when you open a store and sell your products. Opening a store is easy and free, list as many products as you like, take advantage of Yo Desi Shipping and enjoy more time to focus on your products.

No Listing Fee

We will never charge you anything for listing your products. As long as they meet our quality standards, it will be approved for listing. We charge a transaction fee when you sell. 

3% Transaction Fee

Put more money in your pocket by selling here at Yo Desi. A 3% transaction fee will be applied to all successful sales regardless of sale origin and vendor status.

Unlimited Listings

List as many products as you like, there is no charge.  All products will be screened to meet our quality requirements. Learn more about what you can sell here at Yo Desi.

Personalized Store

Customize your store design and represent your brand. Establish default shipping policies, rates and return policy . Setup coupons to bring in more customers.
Unleash your product potential.
Reach customer you never had before. Enjoy control over your product listings, manage your own shipping policies and inventory.

Become a Preferred Partner

Sellers will be verified based on their performance and customer feedback.

There are perks to being a Preferred Partner e.g. Lower Transaction Fee, customer retention and Preferred Partner Badge. You cannot buy yourself to a Preferred status here at Yo Desi.

Partner Feedback

It really means a lot! Treat your customers as you would like to be treated.

You can start by including quality products and pictures and be very specific in your shipping and return policies. Little things matter and a personal touch goes a long way.

Go Mobile
Manage Your Shop Anywhere
At Yo Desi, you will find that selling your products and reaching new customers around the world is simple and straight forward. Our mobile friendly website will allow you to take pictures of your products from your smart phone and easily add them to your shop. Try it!
The Important Stuff
What Can You Sell at Yo Desi?
You can sell many things here used or new, as long as they are part of the categories listed below. We reserve the right to disapprove or remove listings if it does not meet our quality standards or policies.
Desi Clothes and Shoes
Our customers prefer new or slightly used designer Shalwar Kameez, Saris and dresses from India and Pakistan. Show your latest collection!
Jewelery & Gemstones
You can sell fine or artificial Jewelery and gemstones from Pakistan & India. Our countries are rich in minerals and the world must see it’s beauty.
Paintings & Calligraphy.
Sell originals or prints of Paintings and Calligraphy by Pakistani or Indian Artists. We want to promote our culture, nothing better than art.
Authentic Handicraft
It could be anything crafted by an artisan from Pakistan or India. We have rich and unique heritage, we should share it’s beauty with the world.
Indian and Pakistani books in various languages can be sold here including but not limited to history, culture, literature, poetry, art and religion.
Sell authentic furniture here at Yo Desi. Anything for the house like beds, sofas, dining / coffee tables, chests, stools, ottomons or charpai.
Things Around the House
Authentic decorations around the house, cushions, throws, bedsheets, rugs and more. Kitchen items including pots, pans, utensils and more.
Non-Perishable Food
Sell packaged food from Pakistan and India. Anything goes from mangos to gulab jamun, rice, shan masala and other spices. You get the idea.

What Can’t You Sell at Yo Desi? 

You cannot sell any of the following items here at Yo Desi. We will maintain a zero tolerance policy towards anyone posting items that violate these policies.
  • Alcohol and Tobacco in any form
  • Any kind of drugs, paraphernalia, pharmaceuticals and/or controlled substances.
  • Firearm whether it’s a toy or real weapon. We will not promote violence
  • Hazardous materials of any kind are not allowed due to safety reason
  • Anything that promotes hate / hate groups or violence, symbolic or not
  • Live Animals or illegally manufactured products from animal remains such as Ivory and fur etc.
  • Pornography of any sort, sexual or violent language
  • Anything that is regulated by international laws and restrictions.

To summarize, don’t post anything that is prohibited by local or international laws and regulations. You are responsible to know the laws of your country of business and where you plan to ship the product. You should know if your product falls under a highly regulated category.

Yo Desi is a family friendly business and we will maintain this site based on respect for everyone.

Fees & stuff

What Does It Cost?

Things You Should Know

Banks charge money to process and transfer funds. We will process your payment in different ways as you prefer including Bank Transfer, PayPal*, Check by Mail or International Wire Transfer***. PayPal is available in 202 countries and is a recommended method of payment here at Yo Desi.

Payment schedule:

Payments wil be made once a week on Sunday to all eligible sellers based on all of their cleared transactions. You may also request to process your payments at different frequency e.g. every two weeks or once a month, this will save you money on electronic funds transfer fees. Contact us.


Consider the following costs when listing your products: 

  1. YoDesi Transaction Fee +
  2. PayPal / Credit Card Processing Fee +
  3. Partner Payment Fees

Transaction Fees

Fees are calculated based on your partnership status with us and the method of payment used for the transaction by the buyer. These are per transaction fees associated with each sale at Yo Desi.

US Buyers

When buyers has a US billing address

Paypal / Credit Card Processing Fee:

  • 2.9% + $0.30

YoDesi Transaction Fee:

  • Standard Partner: 3% up to $25.00
  • Preferred Partner: 2% up to $20.00

International Buyers

When buyers billing address is from outside the US

Paypal / Credit Card Processing Fee:

  • 3.9% + $0.45

YoDesi Transaction Fee:

  • Standard Partner: 3% up to $25.00
  • Preferred Partner: 2% up to $20.00

Payment Fees

These are the fees charged by banks everytime Yo Desi sends payments to eligible partners. Payments will be processed based on your preferred payment method according to the fee structure below. 

US Partners

Partners who live in the US

  • Payments by mail: $1.00
  • Paypal: 1.5% up to $2.00*
  • Direct Bank Transfer: $0.25 (Recommended)**

International PArtners

Partners who live anywhere outside the US

  • Paypal: 1.5% up to $25.00 (Recommended)*
  • International Wire Transfer: Up to $40  (Restrictions may apply)***

*You must have a PayPal ID to accept Payments through PayPal and reside in one of PayPal approved countries.

** You must provide us with your account information including routing number and account number to process Direct Bank Transfers via ACH. Payments will be made through Chase. 

*** International Wire Transfer rates vary by country. In order to process wire transfers, we need the name, address, ABA / SWIFT code / Routing number of your bank and your bank account number. We also need your name, address and contact information.


Send your products to us and we will ship them for you here in US and Canada

Take the shipping hassle out of your business. Let us manage your shipping. If you want, you can send us your products in advance and we can ship them out as they are sold. You will get paid for your product, but the shipping cost will come to us. Packaging and handling fees will be added to the final cost of the product. Contact us to learn more about how to get started with Yo Desi Shipping Methods.
Manage your own store shipping and return policies. We ask that you setup default rates for shipping, processing and handling when you setup your store. You can also add these rates for each product separately. We understand that not all products will have the same shipping or processing rate so you have the ability to override the store default for any product at any time.
Limited Offer

Join the Yo Desi Founders Club

For a limited time only, the first 100 Partners who sell their products here at Yo Desi will enjoy Preferred Partner status and will receive a FREE Yo Desi Founders Club T-Shirt after their first sale. (US and Canada Only)
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